On Friday Mayor Gavin Newsome announced plans to open a community court in San Fransisco based on the Midtown Community Court model. You can read about it here in the San Fransisco Chronicle. This quote impressed me with how much there is a growing sense that the community court model is taking hold across many jurisdictions:

"Lisa Lightman, who directs special drug and mental health courts within the Superior Court, said the idea is "long overdue" in San Francisco and that similar programs exist in 30 cities around the country as well as in London and South Africa."

The article also quotes an advocate for the homeless who is very critical of Midtown, a reminder of how controversial "quality-of-life"' enforcement remains.

More coverage here in the SF Examiner.

Update: Sunday, April 29, 2007
More coverage by Heather Knight in the Chronicle. The Court being proposed by the Mayor faces a very bumpy road politically. Click here.