Fordham Road

Transportation Alternatives recently unveiled an 2.0 version of their website. It maps comprehensive data on pedestrian and bicycle crashes and fatalities all over New York City in an accessible, easy to understand visual format.

The map shows that Fordham Road (above) in the Bronx is among the most dangerous areas for pedestrians in the City. The intersection of East Fordham Road and Webster Avenue has the most pedestrian and bicycle accidents of any intersection in the Bronx. Have a look at the map - it's easy to use. Zoom in on the Bronx to take a closer look. Other dangerous streets include 149th Street, from Grand Concourse to Third Avenue (especially around "the Hub"); Westchester Avenue and Southern Boulevard around West Farms, Bronx River, and Soundview; and the area around the shopping mall on White Plains Road between Story Avenue and Layfayette. In the crowded West Bronx (neighborhoods like Tremont, University Heights, Mount Eden, Mount Hope, Claremont, and Morrisania) there's a higher incidence of pedestrian injuries than in other parts of the Bronx.