Graffiti Wars

More from the war of words over graffiti. According to this article in the Brooklyn Star Ledger, Queens Councilman (and aspiring mayoral candidate) Peter Vallone is demanding that Arizona Beverage Company discontinue it's "All City" beverage line, which he says glorifies graffiti, and that New York City stores should pull the products from their shelves. Says Vallone, "Graffiti is on the rise again because corporations like this continue to glorify it." Also check out the Brooklyn Star/Queens Ledger Blogspot - the online publication of eight local newspapers covering Brooklyn and Queens. In a related story, the Star reports that Arizona-based "O.G. Nation" will change it's name to "Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc." after critics including Queens Councilman Leroy Comrie charged that the company's moniker promoted gang culture.

According to Razor Apple, a blog devoted to New York City arts, culture and happenings that celebrates graffiti, street art, and urban culture, Ellis G is suing the city for false arrest after he was detained for making sidewalk chalk drawings (which is not illegal). Also from Razor Apple, recent news about an NYPD deployment of their "Skywatch" mobile surveillence tower in Crown Heights.

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