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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update: The Bronx Community Solutions Basketball League

Led by Case Manager Daren Mills and Resource
Coord. Willie Bernardez, The 4th Season of the Bronx Community Solutions Basketball League kicked off this week with the team from the 41st Precinct taking on officers from Patrol Borough Bronx (PBBX) in the first game. In the second game, Brooklyn Treatment Court battled against Promesa, Inc.

In the first game, Officer Feliciano's 15 points helped the 41st precicnt defeat the officers from Patrol Borough Bronx 43-35. In the second game, the Brooklyn Treatment Court Renaissance defeated the team from Promesa Youth 36-19. The Renaissance were riding a wave of support as they were cheered on by Judge Jo Ann Ferdinand (pictured above with Case Manager Leroy West-Spicer and the Renaissance), who came up to the Bronx to enjoy the game and see the league in action.

Many thanks to everyone who continues to support the league...

Stay tuned for more updates...

1 comment:

Benjamin Smith, Intake Coordinator said...

Sounds like a great start. It's wonderful that the judge came out to support the team from Brooklyn Treatment Court.