Juvenile Service Learning Program Begins

The summer cycle for the Juvenile Service Learning Program JSLP (formerly known as JAC: Juvenile Accountability Court) began yesterday, and  runs until July 16, 2010

The Juvenile Service Learning Program is a Family Court/Alternative To Placement program for youth on probation who are mandated to complete 60 hours of community service. The purpose of this program is to incorporate service learning into traditional community service, encouraging youth to meaningfully reflect on their experience. In addition to completing community service, the participants will also visit the Museum of Modern Art and participate in an educational workshop about the criminal justice system.

Agenda: 2010 Summer Cycle
Day 1: World Vision- The participants will begin the cycle working in World Vision. The task for this day is to organize newly received inventory as well package items that will be distributed to other community organizations.
Day 2: Sustainable South Bronx- On this day the participants will be perform hands-on field work that includes planting trees, flowers, maintenance work and watering plants.
Day 3: Step Streets: Participants will be working on beautifying some of the Bronx’s well known step-streets by picking up garbage and removing graffiti.
Day 4: MOMA: The participants will be going on a mentally stimulating journey at the Museum of Modern Art.

Day 5: World Vision: The participants will be organizing inventory and preparing care packages for distribution in community programs.
Day 6: Graffiti Removal: The participant will be removing graffiti from an area designated by the community.

Day 7: Educational Workshop: This workshop will help probationers understand the arrest process in the juvenile justice system. The facilitator will be utilizing a comic made by teenagers in the Youth Justice Board as a guide to run this workshop.

By: Saudi Encarnacion, Clinical Coordinator