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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Success Story - ADP


Richard is an 18-year-old male who was arrested and charged with petit larceny for allegedly stealing candy bars and ice cream with the intention of reselling them. Richard was 17-years-old at the time of arrest, and was already serving adult probation for a previous larceny charge. Subsequently, Richard was remanded to Riker’s Island on this case, which is not always the outcome for petit larceny offenses. When the Bronx Community Solutions resource coordinator became aware of Richard’s case, he arranged for Richard to be assessed by the Youth Justice Social Worker to create an alternative to incarceration plan.

The assessment identified Richard as having high needs related to family support, housing, mental health and education. Richard was effectively homeless, and at the time he was arrested had not had access to food in nearly three days. He had no support services in place to address any of the high-risk factors he presented. Bronx Community Solutions recommended Richard participate in six months of intensive case management at Bronx Community Solutions, with the goal of stabilizing his housing, education, and mental health.

All parties agreed to the BCS recommendation, and Richard was released from jail and began meeting with YJSW once a week. Richard worked with BCS to become consistent in his appointments with Probation, and learn strategies and coping skills to manage depression and anxiety. He was able to reactivate his Medicaid, and get connected to a long-term mental health provider in his community. Richard is back in high school and the school reports he is off to a good start, having demonstrated consistent attendance so far. Richard has had one positive compliance report to the Judge, and is on his way to completing his court mandate. As a result of receiving ADP services, Richard gained support to deal with complex issues and increased his internal motivation and determination to stay out of the criminal justice system. He is expected to complete his six month mandate with the BCS Adolescent Diversion Project in December 2014.

- Rebecca Stahl, LMSW
Bronx Community Solutions, Adolescent Diversion Program Case Manager

Thursday, September 04, 2014

BCS Crew Cleans Up Highbridge

The area before the BCS crew began community service
In 2007 Bronx Community Solutions began the Graffiti Removal program in the Highbridge neighborhood of the bronx, located in the 44th Precinct. The location of 67 West 169th Street, between the Edward L. Grant Highway and Shakespeare Avenue has been one location that has always been a challenge for us in terms of removing graffiti tagging and keeping it clean.

The same location, after nine BCS clients completed their day of work!
On September 4th, 2014, we returned to the location with nine clients who were each mandated to complete community service after being charged with graffiti tagging. The day went smoothly. One of the residents of 67 West 169th Street even came out and thanked the crew, which made the clients feel proud of their hard work.

- Ramon Semorile, BCS Community Service Crew Supervisor