"How BCS Helped Me"

"I was smoking marijuana pretty heavily. Then I got arrested. I remember a sergeant in Central Booking who told me that even though things seemed bad right now, I could turn it into something positive if I was willing to try.

When my case came before the Judge, he told me that he would grant me an ACD [an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal, in which all charges are dismissed after six months or a year as long as the defendant stays out of trouble] if I would go to Bronx Community Solutions for five days of social service classes and counseling.

I remember meeting Robert, Saudi, Ramon, and Tony on my first day at Bronx Community Solutions. They were a great example for me: they gave me high hopes, helped me to recognize my mistakes, and had good advice. Special Terry, a health educator from the City Department of Health, visited to teach one of our classes, and after class she helped me to reactivate my Medicaid and get a copy of my Birth Certificate.

When I got arrested I was out of work and out of school. The people I met at Bronx Community Solutions helped inspire me to do something with my life and right now I’m attending my second semester at the College of New Rochelle. A lot of people give up hope and think they can’t change, but it’s been a year since I smoked marijuana. I stop by Bronx Community Solutions a lot just to say hello because of the respect and friendship that I get there."

-Dennis Sanchez


Dennis Sanchez said…
Thank you guys. Your friendship means a lot to me. I will forever cherish your advice and encouragement.