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Ramon and Chad bring BCS to NYC Ceasefire

A couple weeks ago Chad and Ramon participated in the New York City Police Department’s Operation Ceasefire initiative. This annual event was launched in December 2014 in collaboration with the National Network for Safe Communities. NYC Ceasefire recognizes that most of the violent crime that takes place is committed by a small number of people deeply connected to gang or drug activity. It focuses on reducing violent crime by communicating directly with these individuals through text notifications and/or mass meetings. NYC Ceasefire aims to bring community leaders, members of the law enforcement community (i.e. prosecutors, probation officers, police) as well as social service providers to give a three-pronged message to those who are invited to attend:        Violence in the community must come to an end         Continued violence will face swift and intense response from law enforcement       Social service providers will be present to provide resources to those willing t

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