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Former Clients Lead Town Hall on Police-Community Relations

written by Serena Tillman, Youth Justice Social Worker

Yesterday Bronx Community Solutions' Youth/Young Adult Team and two former clients attended the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) Town Hall Meeting.  We were invited to prepare a statement addressing the night's topic of police-community relations. The meeting was intended to open a dialogue with community leaders and residents of the Bronx in order to better understand police-community relations in the borough. It was a forum for the community to voice their concerns, offer insights, and share experiences with policing in their neighborhood. Exalt, a non-profit based in Brooklyn, serves 15-19 year old previously-incarcerated youth and young adults by providing training and a paid 6-week internship in any of the 5 boroughs.  Exalt is our leading referral partner for young clients seeking employment. When we received the invitation from CCRB, we immediately thought to reach out to our partners at Exalt to identify a gra…

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