A New Community Service Approach

Yesterday's community service project at World Vision's Bronx-based Storehouse was quite an experience for our crew.

At first, when we arrived, the crew was resistant: they knew that they were going to work, but they didn't understand what the purpose of their labor was.

Everytime that we go, World Vision shows our crew a video about their projects all over the world - mostly taking care of kids in need, children who really don't have anything. They also assist people in need of supplies for school or work, through their relationships with non-profits in the Bronx.

After they showed the video, you could see the change on the faces of the crew members. They were nodding their heads and from that moment on, I knew that they understood the purpose of their service to the community.

When they found out that they were going to make kits for people who care for AIDS patients in Africa, they took a lot of joy and pride in what they were doing. Each kit had ten different items (such as notebooks, pens, washclothes, vaseline, anti-fungus cream, packs of cotton, and flashlights, etc.) and we made 800 kits! It was quite an experience for everyone, including myself.