Daily News: "They're courting changes that would benefit fellow teenagers"

"Young people don't understand the judicial process, or their rights in the process"

"When they go to court, they feel they don't have any value."

Since July, members of the Youth Justice Board, a project of the Center for Court Innovation, have been researching the Family Court system in New York City and interviewing judges, lawyers, social workers, agency heads and teenagers who come in contact with the system. They'll be presenting their recommendations soon and this article highlights some of their impressions so far. Bronx Community Solutions is trying out some new approaches with youth in Family Court, so we'll be eager to review the Board's findings.

Click Here for reporting in the Gotham Gazette on the Youth Justice Board's first research project, from 2005, on juvenile reentry. You can read the Board's full report “Stop The Revolving Door: Giving Communities and Youth The Tools To Overcome Recidivism” online, here, or read the 4 page executive summary here.