More News from San Fransisco

There's more news from San Fransisco about a plan for a Community Court in the Tenderloin district based on the Midtown Community Court model. This article, which ran on the front page of the Chronicle this past Sunday, profiles the Midtown Court extensively and also shows more indications that the proposal for the new Court is controversial.

Read below for a round-up of other problem-solving justice news from Vancouver, Melbourne, and Buffalo, NY.

The Downtown Community Court in Vancouver, B.C., which is scheduled to open later this year just launched an excellent website.

The Community Court in Melbourne, Australia just had its official opening, and you can read about it here.

And finally, right here in New York State, the first every Gambling Treatment Court opened in a suburb of Buffalo. Based on a drug court model, defendants who are commiting crimes to support their gambling addiction are screened into the Court. If they accept counseling and judicial monitoring, they get the chance to stay out of jail. You can read about it here in the New York Times.