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I thought I'd end the week with two interesting Bronx news stories: a profile of the strange relationship between President Hugo Chavez and community development in the South Bronx, and coverage of a robbery pattern targeting Mexican laborers. Read More...

Last Sunday, the New York Times profiled the beguiling relationship between Hugo Chavez and the South Bronx. The Bronx has been one of the prime benefactors of Citgo (the national oil company of Venezuela)'s subsidized heating oil program for homes in low-income communities in several cities across the country. But in addition to the heating oil program, Chavez made generous, low-key, no-strings attached donations to some of the best programs and local organizations leading the way in the Bronx. The article interview several community leaders who have benefited from the donation and who were recently hosted in Venezuela as guests of Mr. Chavez. Many seem unsure what to make of these activities. The assistance is certainly making a big difference in the Bronx. However, is it all just intended to embarrass the U.S. government and U.S. businesses? And how are the poor in Venezuela fairing compared to people in the Bronx? Here's the article.

And this article details a possible emerging crime pattern: groups of young men have been robbing Mexican laborers at gunpoint, often on their way home from the subway, in Kingsbridge and other parts of the west Bronx. The Mexican workers are often undocumented, and carry cash instead of paychecks.


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