The State Of The City

Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave his "State of the City" address yesterday. There's coverage in the New York Times here, opinion by Clyde Haberman here, and complete transcript here. The most interesting items in his address from my perspective were a proposal to implement a 'Digital 911' by this summer, allowing New Yorkers to send digital photos to the police from their cell phones, and his pledge to make 311 data more accessible, online.

Governor Spitzer also gave his "State of the State" address recently. The New York Law Journal thinks that the Governor failed to address issues related to the judicial arm of state government: Spitzer Ignores Court Issues In State of the State Message

Finally on the national level, Errol Loius took the leading presidential candidates to task yesterday in his Daily News editorial "It's a big mistake to forget cities" He lists issues none of the candidates have been addressing: mass transit, public housing, rebuilding New Orleans, prisoner reentry, and homeless. He even manages to work in a reference to Million Dollar Murray.