New Blog at Center for Court Innovation

The Center for Court Innovation has inaugurated a new blog: "Random notes from the desk of Greg Berman," the Center's executive director. I think it should be a good source of information about comings and goings at the Center, and always an interesting read for folks in the criminal justice and public policy field. I'm sure whatever is coming across Greg's desk any given week is pretty fascinating, and I'm looking forward to reading more.

The Center also recently published the inaugural issue of the Journal of Court Innovation, edited by Greg Berman, Robert G.M. Keating, and Michelle S. Simon. It's a joint project of the Center, the New York State Judicial Institute, and Pace University, intended for court administrators, judges, lawyers, scholars, non-profit executives, executive and legislative branch officials, and those "on the front lines of the justice system." You can read it online (in PDF) here.