Is Graffiti On the Rise?

This article from yestersday's New York Post reports that, according to the NYPD, graffiti related complaints rose 85% citywide between 2006 and 2007, while arrests climbed 28%.

What's going on? According to the article, "The NYPD say it's too soon to conclude whether the numbers indicate an actual rise in graffiti or just an indication of better reporting and police work. 'That arrests have been astronomical has nothing to with the fact that it's worse and everything to do with the focused attention on the local level,' said Chief Edwin Young, the NYPD's citywide graffiti coordinator."

Bronx Community Solutions has been doing a lot of work on the issue, and here on this blog, we've posted a lot about the topic. For more about that, read here.


More safe places need to be set up and graffiti should be looked upon as an accepted art. Using environmental design, places can be set aside and be used for art pieces, adding color to a neighborhood. If there are places to go with thier art, they would be there as opposed to being the outcast artist defacing property.
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