More Criminal Justice Blogs

Yesterday I had the chance to chat for a little while with a guy named Benjamin Chambers, who is preparing to launch a blog for the Reclaiming Futures campaign at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. We talked about blogging on public policy and the field of criminal justice innovation (in this case, juvenile justice innovation in particular). He suggested a few great blogs he's come across that I hadn't found yet, so I thought I would post links to them here.

Prevention Action is focused on research.

Public Criminology is well written and well visited. Not to be missed: this post really hit a nerve. Almost a hundred people shared their views and their stories about the challenge of seeking employment for ex-offenders.

Juvienation is a comprehensive source for news, discussion and resources on the topic of the juvenile justice system (sadly, after one year and 388 posts, it's now on hiatus, but the archives are still a wonderful resource).


Julius Lang said…
Wow Ben - that posting about employment of ex-felons blew me away! Thanks for sharing it.