The NYC Justice Corps

Here at Bronx Community Solutions, we have the chance to reach large numbers of young people who have come into contact with the justice system. We're always looking for ways that we can connect them to tangible services and opportunities geared to get them on the right track.

The NYC Justice Corps is a new program that is enrolling young people living in the South Bronx and Central Brooklyn (two parts of New York with some of the highest incarceration rates) in a comprehensive job-training and service program, with twin goals: keeping youth from returning to prison, and putting them to work on service projects in their communities. We've hosted staff from the project on two occasions to recruit some of our clients, and today the program was featured in the New York Times - read the article here. John Jay College, the City's the Center for Economic Opportunity and the Department of Corrections are all partnering on the project, so I'll be eager to see what kind of results they can acheive!