Unemployment is up, but crime rates aren't

There's been lots of speculation about whether the deteriorating economic situation could lead to an increase in crime, reversing New York's steady trend of ever lowering crime rates. Data is now out for the first quarter of 2009, and at least so far, New York City appears to be maintaining its success with continually improving public safety.

``I know there's an anticipation ... that crime would go up as a result of the economic turndown. We just haven't experienced that,'' Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Friday. Read the full report from the AP here.

On the other hand, the warm weather over the weekend saw a spate of deadly shootings in Harlem and the Bronx.


Padmanaban said…
That’s right. Unemployment is increasing day by day. Though there are job openings but still the case is very worse, since the companies are selective, and depending on the need, they take their time in finding the right candidate.
There should be some changes to be taken effect in the education system.
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