Educational Resources

Here in the Bronx, it's common to sight a pack of middle school students on a court tour. And, each year, Bronx Community Solutions organizes a larger public event, featuring educational activities and panel of various justice system players. This year, we partnered with Joe McCormick in the D.A.'s office to build our Law Day activities around the theme of drunk driving and risky driving, choices and consequences.

This year's Law Day has me thinking about educational resources for teaching young people about the courts and the justice system. Here are a few good ones that I've come across: Judges, Courts, and the Law, from the California court system (thanks to Lisa Lightman from the Courtbuilders listserv, who says that it is a resource every teacher should be aware of), Judge For Yourself, from the British National Probation Service (posted about here back on 04/23/2009), and the Center for Courts and Communities, at the Center for Court Innovation, which has a variety of resources online.


Can't wait to check out these resources. I looked at "Judge for Yourself" and was pleased to see there's a teen in one of the four cases you can oversee as a virtual probation officer. (Having some technical difficulties getting the video to run normally, though, so I'll be interested to see how the case is presented.)
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