Choices and Consequences on the Road

By T.K. Singleton, Community Initiatives Coordinator

2010’s Law day event was the kick off to the Bronx District Attorney’s Office’s “Choices and Consequences” an interactive presentation geared towards high school youth on the dangers of reckless driving. Accompanying that presentation is a mobile museum called “One Second… Everything Changes” which showcases some the most horrific DWI cases in the Bronx. Within the museum you will see victims’ personal artifacts, trial stories, and pictures of mothers, fathers, and young people affected by a reckless driver.

This June, the mobile museum has made its premier stop at the School for Law, Government and Justice. It will be on display through the end of the school year. The Director of Community Partners, Kim Fields, immediately wanted to be on-board and was excited to know that they would be the premier venue. Joseph McCormack, Chief of Vehicular Crimes Prosecution, NYS Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor, Office of the Bronx District Attorney, and Assistant Curator of the mobile museum is both over joyed and excited to see the impact this will have on youth and their decision making when it comes to driving.