The Court System: An Uncommon Place for Help and Support

When someone thinks of the courts, their image is usually one of an impersonal bureaucracy where people are reduced to docket numbers and rap sheets. Bronx Community Solutions is working with the court to change that image and bridge the gap between courts and community. Often, that work is done one person at a time.

Today, a woman who was not a BCS client stopped by the Bronx Community Solutions office because “it seemed like you all would be able to help.”

This woman has had a long legal struggle with a landlord that has neglected both repairs and a bedbug infestation in her apartment building. The most recent incident has left her with no mattress and no clothes. This struggle led her to the court house, where she found our office and asked for assistance.

Through a long standing relationship with Catholic Charities, our Community Service Coordinator, Moises Reyes scheduled an appointment for her to receive clothing from their Social Service Office. This small step will enable her to have more than the one outfit she has been washing in her sink each day for two months.

We could not mediate the issues with the landlord for her, but an infusion of clothes and other household supplies will make her struggle easier to handle, and can provide her with the needed support to continue to fight for her rights.