Partnership Addresses the need for Domestic Violence Services in the Bronx

The New York Post recently reported on a new study which shows that Bronx residents are more likely to be the victims of dommestic violence than those in other boroughs.

City officials counted 15,620 domestic-abuse reports in The Bronx in 2009 -- a rate of 1,117 reports per 100,000 residents, nearly twice the rate in Manhattan, according to numbers gathered by the Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence.

Manhattan had the lowest rate, with 585 battered victim reports per 100,000 residents last year. Brooklyn had 799, Staten Island 629 and Queens 605.

Bronx Community Solutions has partnered with Sanctuaries for Families to screen women arrested for prositution-related offenses for domestic violence. Through this partnership, we have an Advocate Counselor who provides clinical services. In addition to serving this often invisible population, this partnership has increased our ability to serve and refer any client who is the victim of domestic violence.