An Example of BCS Success.

By Melissa Novock, STARS Case Manager

 "You never gave up on me, and that made me not give up on myself."

Those were the words of one of the BCS clients involved in the STARS initiative. She futher expressed, " I don't have the urge to get high, instead, I want to explore all of the new opportunities before me."
This client, Ms. Smith received a social service mandate several months ago. She never made it to her first appointment at Success Counseling. However, in August, Ms. Smith was picked up on a warrant and brought before Judge Eugene Oliver. Judge Oliver asked if BCS would be willing to work with Ms. Jones again, and the answer was absolutely, yes.

Ms. Smith expressed a great deal of determination to finish her mandate while in court and promised she would do the work this time. She not only completed her mandate, she also took a courageous step in working on some of her own personal goals. Ms. Smith completed the detox/rehab program at Conifer Park and to this day she continues to work with Success Counseling and BCS.

Ms. Smith came into the BCS clinic on two occasions last week to share her joy in completing the rehab program and to express her appreciation and gratitude to BCS.

Being grateful for her past experiences and relying not only on her connections to BCS but also her faith within, She will definitely continue working towards accomplishing her goals.