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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Artist Renders 161st Street BID

An up and coming artist by the name of Lawrence "Hanibal" Parker was recently commissioned by Cary Goodman, Executive Director of the 161st Street Business Improvement District (BID), to creat an artistic rendition of the BID and its many unique neighborhood characteristics.

The BID rendition is believed to be the first in the Borough and possibly in the City. Mr. Goodman is hoping that all the other Business Improvement Districts assist the artist in creating portraits as well.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Juvenile Service Learning Summer Project Highlighted in Daily News

On Monday, August 8th the Juvenile Service Learning Project, along with staff from BCS Community Service Crew worked on a graffiti removal project and which included a site visit to Tuff City, a Bronx-based multimedia entertainment services. At first the youth were not to happy about going to paint over graffiti in 90 degree weather, but they "warmed up" to the idea after we talked about the impact this has on their community. We tried to get them to understand that what they were doing was helping a community look neat and clean and it was a way to contribute to the Bronx. After we finished the painting we went to Tuff City where they met the owner and artist, MED. Who is very passionate about inspiring youth and young adults to find ways to turn their lives around. Some of the people who worked there spoke of there past dealings with jail, the streets and drugs and how they changed their thinking and behavior. During the visit the kids were able to show their own 'artistic flair' on a designated wall in the back of the buildings space. The day started off with resistance but ended with the kids enjoying the experience and expanding their minds

Written by: Justin Briggs
Youth Engagement/Community Service Specialist

The Daily News Article can be accessed by clicking the title above, or here.