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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adolescent Diversion Initative

On January 17th, 2012 four Adolescent Diversion Parts opened up n Bronx County. The Adolescent Diversion Parts (ADPs) serve as dedicated courts designed to improve misdemeanor case outcomes for 16 and 17 year olds. The ADPs will seek to help these adolescents avoid the legal and collateral consequences associated with conviction and link them with the assistance they need to pursue law-abiding, productive futures

Bronx Community Solutions will provide the courts with expanded youth specific social service sentencing options as part of the new Adolescent Diversion Initiative. The menu of in-house and collaborative services are designed to address issues of substance abuse, mental health, conflict resolution, educational deficits, as well as provide community restitution through youth specific community service. Service options are designed with a range of days from which judges can choose the amount of days that best suit individual cases.

Last week, Bronx Commuity Solutions Crew Supervisors, along with Americorps interns, oversaw the the first evening, youth-based community service project at a local community recreation center. Here's what the supervisor had to say:

"It"s a pleasure to take on an assignment that has meaning not just to the community but to the youth involved. Working with the youth has taught most of us supervisors that there's a fine line between high resistance and complete submission. The key to reaching that goal with the youth is a genuine love for them and patience (lots of patience) . On Thursday February 9th the ADP clients did a complete cleaning around the perimeter of West Bronx Recreation Center, a well needed task . It started off with some resistance but ended with conversation and encouragement. Our intern Sean Myers did an outstanding job communicating with the young clients, it spoke volumes for what BCS is all about. So I say, not just as a staff member but as a fan of BCS, BRAVO, FOR BCS !!"

Matthew Usher,
Bronx Community Solutions, Crew Supervisor

Monday, February 06, 2012

2nd Annual Community Court Conference, Washington DC

Excerpts from Center for Court Innovation Executive Director, Greg Berman's blog.

"Report from DC
A quick report from the first two days of Community Justice 2012 in Washington DC, where representatives from 7 countries and 75 different jurisdictions have come together to share their wisdom with one another and learn from experts in the field:The capacity crowd of approximately 300 participants includes a good mix of newcomers and old friends. I was particularly gratified to see a good contingent of Center for Court Innovation alums on hand -- people like Derek Miodownik and Juli Ana Grant and Kate Krontiris who have gone on to greater glory but still have managed to stay involved with the world of court reform"

Click here to read the full article

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

First CAB Meeting of the Year Highlights Successes

 Bronx Community Solutions hosted its first Community Advisory Board Meeting of the year last week. As BCS's looks ahead to new projects, partnerships, and innovations the board also took a moment to recognize important successes achieved in 2011.  

Our partners accomplished much in 2011, including the Bronx Defenders receiving the Hodson Award. The Hodson Award is named in honor of the distinguished public service career of the late Major General Kenneth J. Hodson, a former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Army, and a founding member of the Division. The award recognizes sustained, outstanding performance or a specific and extraordinary service by a government or public sector law office.  
Bronx Community Solutions  highlighted  its Mental Health Initiative, which continues to achieve a higher compliance than our general compliance of 70 percent; as well as the STARS initiative which screens women involved in the lifestyle of prostitution for histories of sexual assault and domestic violence and provides appropriate services.  Special community service projects were also highlighted. 
Looking forward to 2012, Bronx Community Solutions is please to continue to partner with its Community Advisory Board to create community service projects that respond to community needs, to implement on the Adolescent Diversion Program, and to continue the work of the Bronx Reentry Working Group.