CCI: Youth Justice Board

On June 27th, 2012, the Youth Justice Board held its culminating event of the 2011-12 year: the release of the new video Talking it Through: A Teen-Police Dialogue. Board members created this video in response to recommendations published by the 2010-11 Board, which cited mistrust between police and teens as one of the key issues that needed addressed in efforts to reduce youth crime.

NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kevin O'Connor from the Juvenile Justice division of the Community Affairs Bureau gave the keynote speech, talking about how challenges such as gang violence cannot be addressed without the commitment of young people. YJB 2 alumnus George Espinal, who is now the President of the 34th Street Community Council in Washington Heights, spoke about opportunities that all young people have to be involved in positive community change. He also showed us some awards he received from the Center that he earned as a YJB member and has kept all this time.

Founded in 2004, the Youth Justice Board is an after-school program that brings together young people to study and propose solutions to the public safety challenges that most affect them. Board members serve as a credible voice for youth in the public debate about juvenile justice policy in New York City