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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Red Hook Community Court is a success for defendants and taxpayers, study shows

kudos to our sister project, Red Hook Community Justice Center, for making headlines in the Daily News, in the research community and around the world.....
read the entire article here

Friday, November 08, 2013

Lessons From European Prisons

Here's a pretty interesting article from the New York Times Op Ed page.

In February, a group of American corrections officials, judges, prosecutors and public defenders spent a week visiting prisons in Germany and the Netherlands. Those countries incarcerate people at about one-tenth the rate of the United States, for far less time, and under conditions geared toward social reintegration rather than punishment alone.
A new report based on the group’s research suggests that European sentencing and penal practices may provide useful guidance in the growing effort to reform an American prison system buckling under its own weight.
The American and European systems differ in almost every imaginable way, beginning with their underlying rationale for incarceration. Under German law, the primary goal of prison is “to enable prisoners to lead a life of social responsibility free of crime upon release.” Public safety is ensured not simply by separating offenders from society, but by successfully reintegrating them. (click to read the whole article)