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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Career Talk for BCS Interns

Lovis, BCS Compliance Coordinator, at left, meeting with BCS Interns and Judge Saunders
‘Just ask questions. When you see someone in the courthouse and you want to know how they got there, don’t be afraid to just ask questions.

‘Career Talk’ luncheons have become a part of the new, formalized internship program at Bronx Community Solutions. These talks provide interns in various stages of their career journeys with a wealth of realistic and concrete knowledge, as well as insight into the variety of career paths open to them within the criminal justice system. The hope is that this will provide career guidance for our interns as well as strengthen BCS's bonds with court players. Since October 2014, BCS interns have participated in organized discussions with a lawyer/social worker, a judge as well as court clerks. Next month the interns will hear from two court officers about their role in the criminal justice system, which is especially appropriate as a few of our interns have taken the court officer civil service exam.

- Lovis Nelson-Williams, BCS Compliance Coordinator

Monday, February 02, 2015

A Prison Tranformed into a ReEntry Hub

The Fulton Correctional Facility
The Bronx will soon be getting a dedicated reentry facility, fittingly housed on the site of a prison that was closed in 2011 after a marked decrease in New York's inmate population. The Osborne Association was bequeathed the Fulton Correctional Facility which will renovate to create a hub to serve the reentering population, with links to a variety of social services available in one location. Bronx Community Solutions staff members attended an event last week where the facility was unveiled by a number of Bronx political figures.

You can read more about this venture here: In the Bronx, New Life for an Old Prison

BCS remains connected to the reentering population through the Bronx Reentry Working Group, and runs a support group for reentering individuals on site.