BCS Embarks on Ten Weeks of Cleanup in the 44th Precinct

BCS crew painting over graffiti in the 44th precinct
This month, the Community Initiatives Department of Bronx Community Solutions was contacted by New York City Police Officers from the 44th  Precinct requesting support in the form of targeted graffiti clean-up in sections of the South Bronx, within Community Board District 4. The culmination of our partnership was a commitment on behalf of the Bronx Community Solutions Community Service Crew to embark on a 10-week, hot-spot graffiti clean-up initiative supported by police officers of the 44th precinct, the Department of Transportation, The Department of Sanitation, and community resident volunteers. Bronx Community Solutions will be providing crews of 10-15 community service participants as well as clean up supplies (jump suits, gloves, masks and paint). Community Service Crew Supervisor, Matthew Usher, and myself, will be the Clean Up supervisors for this project. 

BCS Crew Supervisors and community partners in front of the finished project at Summit Avenue
This past Wednesday, March 11th, Bronx Community Solutions conducted the first of these 10-week graffiti impact projects. Eight Bronx Community Solutions participants met at 8:00am in front of the Bronx Criminal Court where Matthew and I picked them up and headed to our first location: 1165 Clay Avenue, the site of an industrial business. Our second location was Summit Avenue, a residential area. We painted over graffiti in each of these locations, and the pictures show the impact that was made. 
Clay Avenue, before
Clay Avenue, after!
We are preparing ourselves for the next project, which will happen on Wednesday March 18th. Stay tuned for more posts on this project!

- Moises Reyes, Coordinator of Community Service and Initiatives