Bronx Community Solutions Hosts Appreciation Breakfast for Our Partners

by Shlomit Levy, Clinical Coordinator

On Friday May 20, 2016, Bronx Community Solutions hosted an appreciation breakfast to personally thank those agencies who have partnered with us over the years.  Our partners range from employment training, substance abuse treatment, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, health education services, Planned Parenthood, CASAC training institute, Community Service sites, and various other agencies.  Our preferred partners assist in providing group facilitation to our menu of social service groups, provide outpatient treatment and support services, and refer interns who are seeking learning opportunities.  The providers had the opportunity to hear from all of Bronx Community Solutions’ program coordinators as well as network and learn about each other’s roles at BCS.  Awards were presented to three providers that have served the clients of BCS for over 10 years: Arms Acres, Vertex and World Vision.  One provider stated “I never realized how many clients Bronx Community Solutions served and how many programs you have”.  
For more pictures of the event, check out the slide show above.   

Arms Acres drug treatment program received a certificate as one of BCS's longest partnerships


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