BCS Community Impact at Tremont Avenue

Last Friday, Bronx Community Solutions teamed up with Precinct 48 and Community Board #6 to host a special graffiti cleanup event along Tremont Avenue. The graffiti has been a serious concern for shop owners in the area, who were worried that it could negatively affect their business, so we decided it would be a great community project to take on with our clients and partners.

The weather was picture perfect. Everyone was briefed on what to do and what group they were working with. We took over Tremont Avenue armed with spray cans, rollers, brushes, dust pans, brooms and garbage bags.We started on Belmont Avenue and worked our way up to Southern Blvd., painting over graffiti tagged walls and gates on stores and businesses. We had our work cut out for us, as graffiti covered much of that stretch of Tremont. 

As we were working, many people passing by asked us what we were doing. When we explained, they told us they were happy the neighborhood was being cleaned up. The business owners were very pleased to have their property look presentable again. One particular owner--of Linda’s Pizzeria--gave us complimentary smoothies to show his gratitude. He even told the News 12 reporter how happy he was about the project. 

We wrapped up the day with Pizza. We didn’t get to paint as many store fronts as we had wanted to because we were short on time, but we will definitely be returning soon to finish what we started. BCS is looking forward to a continuing partnership with the 48th Precinct and District Manager John Sanchez on graffiti issues.

Thank you so much to our partners at Community Board #6:
District Manager John Sanchez and Support Team: Evan Cui, Suzanna Ya, Neil Van Cott, Joshua Murillo

And to our partners at Precinct 48: Celisbeth Perez, Officer Sanchez and Officer Mims

And of course, thanks to our wonderful community service staff:
Crew Supervisors Anthony Gonzalez and Corey Hatton, Up Next Intern Joshua Jackson, and staff members Tiffany Barksdale and Chris Rivera.

See our day of community service featured on News 12 with a quote from our very own staff member Tiffany Barksdale here!