Getting in the Weeds with Community Service: A Garden in Need

Community Service staff members Azem Dobrodoli and Corey Hatton hard at work
Every day as they clean the parks and streets of the Bronx, our community service team and clients provide the most visible presence for Bronx Community Solutions in the borough.  Over the years, our "crew" (as we call them) has gained quite the reputation and, in turn receive weekly requests from local residents, businesses, politicians and other community members to bring their special touch and expertise to various projects around the Bronx. 

One recent request came from an employee of Children's Aid Society, who partners with schools to provide academic programming, health services and much more.  Children's Aid works with the Bronx's P.S. 50 and recently acquired a community garden nearby where they plan to run their Go! Healthy Gardens program for students.  But years of neglect had left the space overrun with weeds, trash and broken furniture.

Enter Bronx Community Solutions' crew who, 4 staff members and 7 clients strong, went to work for three days cleaning and weed whacking and doing what they do best.  The final product speaks for itself.  Check out the pictures and video to see a job well done. 

How we're Changing the Court:   
The justice system has traditionally offered punitive sentences such as fines and jail time, giving offenders no opportunity to reconnect with their communities or the people in them.  Bronx Community Solutions' community service projects provide a restorative framework-- holding people accountable while giving back to the borough and neighborhoods where they live.  Through these projects, clients are often introduced to people and places previously unknown to them and have the chance to re-engage with their place of residence in positive ways. 
Before (above): the garden's overgrown weeds and broken furniture made it un-walkable and unsafe

After (below): BCS staff and clients literally paved the way for the garden to become a use-able space and learning environment for local elementary school students

Watch the team in action!