More good reading on Streets Blog

I found more great reading on Streets Blog yesterday. For before and after photos of an inspiring clean-up of a nuisance property in Los Angeles Read more... The main focus on Strets Blog is issues like pedestrian, bicycle, and mass transit improvements, traffic calming, and congestion reduction. However, when they cover projects that improve public spaces and successfully create partnerships between city agencies, non-profit groups, community residents and quasi-governmental organizations like BIDs, it's great inspiration for the kind of projects we're working on in the Bronx. We're constantly thinking about how community service and clean-ups can make a lasting improvement. Residents and stakeholders often pose the question: "Sure, you can clean it up. How can we keep it clean?" Have a look at these before and after photos:

"Rather than fence off the trash-strewn lot beside its building -- a stomping ground for drug-users and prostitutes -- one downtown Los Angeles community center added, instead, a few benches and flowers. Soon, neighbors began to hang out there, and the less desirable denizens vanished." Click here for the full article in GOOD a magazine that focuses on pragmatic, progressive designs and ideas.


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