The Paradise Theater

The Paradise Theater was known for being extravagant and grandiose back in 1929 when it originally opened. It's one of the largest and most famous theaters from the era of ornate movie palaces, one of the five original "Loew's Wonder Theaters" in the New York City area - and it's a symbol of the Bronx's glory days. It was closed for over a decade, but now it's been meticuliously restored and it reopened in 2005. Recently Bronx Community Solutions got to play its own role in rehabilitating this landmark. Read More....

Bronx Borough President, Carrion felt the theater needed a little "face lift" on the outside. From years of the theater just sitting there, parts of the building became covered with a lot of grafitti. Carrion was driving by the historic theater one day and thought, "this is terrible!" so he asked Bronx Community Solutions to adopt the project. Our crew painted over a half block of graffiti covered walls, and while our crew was working, a representative from State Senator Jose Serrano Jr.'s office stopped by to have a look (as well as the local NYPD Community Affairs team).

Located right in the bustling Fordham Road shopping district, the Paradise is a highly visible symbol that the "Bronx is rising" as a social, cultural and economic center.