International Justice

In the last few years, community courts have been launched in South Africa (13 in all), the United Kingdom and Australia, while practitioners in Sweden, Scotland, the Netherlands and Canada are pursuing their own criminal justice reform efforts, writes Robert Wolf of the Center for Court Innovation in the latest issue of Crime and Justice International.

It's part of a growing trend: court innovation spreading worldwide in an attempt to address public frustration with the justice's system's response to low-level crime, jail overcrowding and a lack of confidence in community-based alternative sentences.

The Center for Court Innovation has played an important role in this movement, hosting visits to New York (over 1,000 practitioners from 51 countries have visited projects like the Red Hook Community Justice Center in the last three years), writing articles and providing technical assistance to jurisdictions interested in pursuing their own projects.

You can read the article here.


Anonymous said…
Hi, my name is Simon Nickless and I am a Police officer from Nottingham in England and I have posted before. For those of you who don't remember, I came over with a team to look at community justice and although we didn't get chance to look at the Bronx court, reading your progress on the blog has been an inspiration.

We are making some good progress ourselves now and have finished a first proposal as to how our approach could work and are consulting our communities as to the way forward.

It is always easier to follow someone else and will continue to follow your development and where possible use the ideas you have to further improve our own.