National Night Out

This past Tuesday night, Bronx Community Solutions staff participated in National Night Out along with millions of people in communities across the country. The event has been taking place for over 20 years and it's probably the largest, most well established community event designed to bring together residents and the criminal justice system to improve safety and prevent crime.

It's a big event in the Bronx and our organization participated in activities at Mullaly Park. New York is sweltering through a heat wave, but Bronx residents know how to stay cool in the summer.

We had the chance to speak to dozens of community members and spread the word about our project. We listened to people's concerns and distributed information that was accessible and easy to understand. We also had the chance to talk with and get to know folks from other agencies: community affairs and crime prevention officers from the NYPD, employees of the Bronx District Attorney, the local Department of Probation, outreach workers from Bronx Lebanon Hospital and others. We even got a visit at our table from Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson, who has been a supporter of Bronx Community Solutions from its earliest planning stages.

Most importantly, getting outside of the courthouse and into the community, spending an evening in a local park talking to residents was fun! We would love for everyone in the court house to view this type of activity as part of their work.


Anonymous said…
Great photos! I love your project's flag on the fence.