Culture to Culture

"I never been to a Broadway play and I can't wait to go again"

This is what the new partnership between Tickets for the People and Bronx Community Solutions is all about. Tickets for the People is a non-profit organization that gives free Broadway tickets to non-traditional theater goers.

Bronx Community Solutions has teamed up with this organization to bridge the youth culture (and others) with the theater culture to help educate Bronx residents about the wonderful experience of live theater entertainment. This is the first program of its kind which enables people who are disenfranchised to become empowered to leave their neighborhoods and go downtown to see fun and exciting plays.

Not only are the youth able to see these plays, but Bronx Community Solutions will be giving tickets to all the supporting agencies that help them help others. Those who attend the plays will be meeting with the performers afterward to discuss the experience and get autographs. One of the past participants stated "this is the first time I've ever seen a play and I loved it and I can't wait to tell my friends."


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