Criminals to Champions

"When I came to Bronx Community Solutions I was labeled a criminal and now I am getting a trophy and being called a champion." That's what one of the members of the Bombers said while Bronx Community Solutions celebrated the first season of the our Basketball League. Click below to read more.

The trophies were shining and the young men were smiling as the celebration took place: as they collected their trophies everyone enjoyed food, drinks and praise for these young men changing their lives. Greg Berman, the Director of the Center for Court Innovation, and Aubrey Fox, the Director of Bronx Community Solutions, watched as the young men, family, and friends came together. Each of the team members gave a few words about their experience.

“I enjoyed playing basketball instead of spending time getting in trouble”

“I enjoyed playing against the police instead of being arrested by the police”

"It was a lot of fun with giving back to the community when we performed community service hosting a Basketball Clinic at SCAN Mullaly Park.”

This pilot program was aimed at changing police and community youth perceptions of each other from antagonist to comrades. Officer Warren Thompson of the 46th Precinct received a plaque for his help in organizing police officers for the Bronx Bombers to play against and expressed how eager he was to participate in the next season. Vivian Gonzalez the Director of SCAN Mullay Park received a plaque for her help in hosting the games and providing an easy opportunity for our youth to enroll in her organization. A very special plaque was awarded to the referee Arnold “OT” Warren for his unconditional dedication to youth in our community. As the event concluded, a photo slide show brought back memories and captured the essence of the entire season.