Bronx Food Gems

One economic development strategy promoted by Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion is a campaign to get more Bronx restaurants listed in the Zagat guide. Editor Tim Zagat took a tour of the borough's food spots with Carrion, and the Borough President's office has been coordinating a campaign to encourage Bronx diners to participate in the voting process that determines listings in the guide. Click Here for a great discussion of Bronx food on the website Chowhound.

Recently, this lively discussion of hidden gems in the Bronx erupted on the foodie website Chowhound. From established eateries to food carts and hole-in-the-wall lunch counters readers have compiled an impressive guide to out-of-the-way and lesser known food choices in the Bronx (including a side discussion of Yankee Stadium/ Courthouse area options). It gives a great sense of the neighborhood and ethnic diversity in the Bronx. Thanks to West Bronx Blog for spotting the thread. Does anyone have a Bronx food gem to add to the list?

On a related note, according to economic development organizations like the New York Industrial Retention Network, specialty ethnic food production is a growth industry for New York that's moving into old manufacturing areas (like parts of the Bronx). New York's multitude of immigrant communities makes a great incubator for new ethnic food products.