Reclaiming Newark

On Tuesday, the City of Newark ended a 43 day streak without a single homicide, the longest stretch in decades, while other indicators of violent crime like shootings and rapes are down as well. The New York Times carried a feature article on the issue yesterday, profiling the reactions by the city's homicide squad, chief of police Garry F. McCarthy, and Mayor Cory Booker, and debating whether the streak could be just random luck or the real thing: results of improved policing strategies and the beginning of a turnaround.

“We are seeing the result of all that work, and all that activity,” Mr. Booker said. “The trend line is heading in the right direction.”

Also, this map is worth a look. View three years worth of New York City homicide statistics for each borough displayed on a Google Map. The majority of homicides are concentrated in a few areas. If you click on any single marker, you can view the age, race and gender of victims and suspects, as well as the date and exact location, as well as suspected motive.