Changes in Hunts Point

The American Banknote Company Building is probably the most prominent and important building in Hunts Point. It houses a mix of artists, manufacturers, community groups like Sustainable South Bronx, and a successful homeless shelter - the Living Room. Now a new developer has plans for installing a museum and turning the building into a destination arts space that could be part of a turnaround and revitalization of Hunts Point. In our contacts with the community, we at Bronx Community Solutions have gotten some idea of the issues at stake, and heard concerns from community residents about what the changes will bring. For myself, I'm still trying to gain a better understand of the situation and the plans.

An article today in the Times gives some details, especially focusing on what the fate of the homeless shelter at the site will be. Hunts Point, like Newark and other places is an area that still faces serious poverty and problems with crime, but may be poised for an economic and real estate revitalization. I'll be curious to learn more, and it certainly appears that questions about the future use of this building will be central to changes going on in the neighborhood.