Crime Trends

This article in the New Republic on crime issues and presidential politics was very interesting. This article from the New York Post reports a 10% overall increase in arrests in New York City for the past year, mostly misdemeanors and "quality of life" charges. Thanks to Greg Berman for the links.

From the New Republic article, I thought this passage really resonated with the problem-solving justice approach:

"Evidence from elsewhere suggests that deterrent signals from the police become even more powerful when backed by moral voices from the community. In an approach pioneered by John Jay College's David Kennedy, law enforcement forms alliances with neighborhood leaders, clergy members, and social-service providers. In troubled areas, the partners sit down face-to-face with gang members and drug dealers to send a clear message: If you stop offending, you will be welcomed by your neighbors and will get the help you need. If you continue breaking the law, you will be punished. Sometimes the police even share investigative files with offenders, showing they already have enough evidence to arrest but have chosen not to do so. The goal is not to build cases, but to restore order, as well as trust between the police and community members."


Rosie said…
Drugs are behind most of the crimes in our Country.

The question is how do we dry up the sources?

Really serious efforts need to be made to stop drugs from crossing our borders and more effort needs to be spent drying up homemade drugs.

What a wonderful world this would be without illicit drugs.