More on American Banknote Building and 1520 Sedgwick

This article from the Daily News has coverage of a celebration at the American Banknote Company Building featuring Borough President Adolfo Carrion and a performance by Arthur Aviles, including lots more details about plans for the building. Sustainable South Bronx is a supporter. Per Scholas is worried. The Citizens Advice Bureau, which runs the drop in homeless shelter says they're getting pushed out, although the Borough President says they'll receive assistance relocating.

And, it looks like low and mixed-income residents of 1520 Sedgwick (the reputed "birthplace of hip-hop") are waging a succesful fight to save their building, which is leaving the Mitchell-Lama program, and could go market rate (more here). Who could imagine DJ Kool Herc and Senator Chuck Schumer getting together to raise money? The goal is to purchase the building and keep in permanently affordable. You can find out more at their website: