Praise for Court Staffers

The steps of the Queens County Courthouse became a familiar site to New Yorkers during the weeks of coverage surrounding the Sean Bell case. Whatever you might think about the proceedings and the verdict, an article in today's Daily News says both the victims and the defendants in the trial are unanimous in their opinion that the court personnel handled the trial with upmost professionalism.

"The respect, protection and the sincere kindness that was received from [the] court officers ... serves as a small comfort at a most unfavorable time in [our] lives. Mr. and Mrs. Bell would simply like to say: Thank you," Valerie and William Bell wrote in a letter.

"The highly professional court staffers ... served the interests of justice ... in their efforts to assure that equal-handed, courteous treatment would be shown to all," lawyer Steven Kartagener wrote on behalf of the three acquitted detectives and their legal team