It's the code for the criminal charge of fare evasion, and it's a charge we see a lot of at Bronx Community Solutions. We frequently speak to clients who were arrested for entering the subway system without paying, and who often also had an open warrant for some other minor charge.

Yesterday two undercover officers where shot with their own service weapons during a scuffle in a Long Island City subway station while they were arresting an individual for fare evasion. A similar incident occured a few months ago here in the Bronx, near the 4 Train station at Jerome and 167th Street.

According to the New York Times, Officers Seeking Fare Evaders Often Find Worse Crimes. The article from today's New York Times provides a detailed statistical breakdown and description of NYPD operations to address fare beating and other misconduct in the subway system. According to an NYPD spokesperson, “We have had tremendous success in identifying arrested individuals wanted for other crimes by suppressing fare evasion.”