I took this picture of the old Penn Central Railroad property in the Bronx on Thursday. Penn Central went bankrupt in 1970. It was actually the first company to receive a big federal bailout.

Some of the railyards stretching from 149th the 161st are still active. But in the area where I took this picture a huge housing development (Concourse Village) and a shopping center have been built on concrete platforms over the old yard. Another housing complex that's been built over the railyards is this one.

We met with the owner and a site foreman who are planning to remove the dumping and graffiti that's been done over the years and renovate the space to provide parking and warehouse space. It was a fascinating to explore this cavernous, eerie urban jungle. It would have made a perfect scene for a Batman movie, a surreal urban dystopia.


Julius said…
beautiful shot, ben!
(interesting story, too)