Improving Public Trust in Justice

Recently in the Bronx Times, the Wakefield Taxpayers and Civic League (for more about who they are, look here) mentioned Bronx Community Solutions in their weekly column on community conditions, complied by Mary V. Lauro, reporting on their November 20 meeting with the New 47th Precinct Commander, Deputy Inspector Paul DeEntremont:

"Too often in the Bronx, prostitutes who are arrested and appear before judges are given sentences which return them to the street in less than 24 hours. DeEntremont had success in the 48th Precinct where he was commander before coming to us, by working with a group (Bronx Solutions) that presents judges letters written by community organizations decrying the effects f rampant prostitution on communities. In many cases, instead of "time served" the judges gave 30 days. Moreover, since many prostitues have drug problems, the group then works with them to alleviate that problem. That plan will be implemented in the 47th."