Very Young Girls

This afternoon during lunch, the staff of Bronx Community Solutions watched a screening of a new documentary, Very Young Girls, which focuses on the stories of young women at the GEMS program in New York City who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking and are attempting to leave "the life" and develop to their full potential.

Here in the Bronx, we've been conducting street outreaches in partnership with the NYPD and working to coordinate sentences to GEMS, along with the Choices program and the Trans Women Empowerment program at the Midtown Community Court. You can read more about that here.

I recommend the film to everyone - its superbly made, incredibly moving, and it tells an important story. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, it was broadcast on Showtime, it's available on Netflix, and soon it will be possible to watch it directly online.


Hi, thank you for this post! I wanted to let everyone know - the film is now available on Netflix both as a DVD rental and as a 'Watch Instantly' option via their online streaming program.