Stop and Frisk 101?

This is an interesting account in the Village Voice about the "Bushwick 32" a group of young people ranging in age from 13 to 21 who were the subject of a controversial mass arrest on the way to the funeral of a friend on May 21, 2007, who have subsequently forced the city to pay a large settlement in a civil lawsuit that alleged police harassment and unlawful arrest.

It turns out that several members of this group had been taking part in a program at Bushwick Community High School that teaches students about the law and how to handle themselves in encounters with police.

"A lot of our kids had been so used to being violated that they didn't know it was their right not to be. Like walking home from school, being searched, and being asked to stand up against a police car--this is something kids in different neighborhoods never experience. "Stop-And-Frisk 101" by Elizabeth Dwoskin.