The "Dirty Dozen"

In January, Mayor Bloomberg announced plans to target a "Dirty Dozen" of the city's worst quality-of-life offenders during his State of the City Address. An item in today's Daily News reports on the implementation of that plan to target the city's 67 most prolific low-level offenders (slightly more than twelve from each borough). The City's been running the numbers, and they're now in the process of putting in place a system to flag these cases the next time they're arrested. Thanks to Danny Abriano for finding this article.

This new initiative is an enhancement of Operation Spotlight, a city-wide initiative that puts a prominent stamp on the file of anyone who's had three or more misdemeanor arrests in the past year (there's actually a formula that's a little bit more complicated than that), to bring the offenders record to the attention of prosecutors. You can view reports on Operation Spotlight here.

It seems that there are 693 people city-wide who've been arrested more than 10 times in the past two years. Among the "Dirty Dozen" each person has been convicted an average of 16.8 times.